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Motorsport Techlabs

The success of a racing event largely depends on the knowledge, experience, and collaboration among drivers and crew. That’s why talent development is ingrained in the organization of Bas Koeten Racing. It’s an essential part of our mission to consistently deliver top performances on the racetrack. Furthermore, we believe that fostering and supporting talent not only enriches the sport as a whole but also prepares young drivers and crew for a promising future in motorsports or beyond.

Our approach proves effective: year after year, we celebrate champions in various racing classes. Technicians who are now at the top once did their (internship) training with us. Naturally, we take pride in this. We provide stepping stones to the highest levels of motorsports.

Fostering Development

At Bas Koeten Racing, people, ambitions, knowledge, and technology converge. That’s why we introduce Motorsport Techlabs. In this program, we provide support for a variety of projects aimed at the development, guidance, training, and (further) education of the next generations. This includes technicians, data analysts, and drivers, as well as areas such as transport and logistics, marketing, audiovisual, and hospitality. Additionally, it provides opportunities to drive technical developments.

The place where people meet is called Motorsport Techlabs. This could logically be our workshop in Westwoud or our pit box at the track. But even a lecture hall or project space can be a Techlab. Digital Techlabs are also possible.

Structural and systematic

Through Motorsport Techlabs, we provide a unique opportunity to experience the dynamic world of motorsports up close, discover and nurture talent, gain hands-on experience, and learn from professionals who have already made their mark. We are introducing this program to ensure that we can systematically allocate time and opportunities for it, as a complement to our regular activities. Moreover, it helps us broaden our own horizons and stay engaged with the latest developments in our domain.

Motorsport Techlabs represents:

  • A physical space where people come together and collaborate.
  • Working on projects (challenges) with clearly defined objectives and developmental goals.
  • Always maintaining a connection with motorsports through a jointly defined perspective.
  • Welcoming students from different educational levels and various fields of study.
  • Professionals seeking further specialization can also turn to Motorsport Techlabs.
  • Providing, as needed, the people, materials, and knowledge from Bas Koeten Racing to achieve the goals. This includes race cars, racing simulators, tools, test setups, transportation, or other facilities.
  • The client could be a knowledge institute and/or its students, the business sector, or Bas Koeten Racing itself.
  • Based on the project content and in collaboration with stakeholders, the role of Bas Koeten Racing is determined (e.g., guidance, advice, sparring partner, presenter, etc.).

To achieve a broader learning impact from the Motorsport Techlabs program, we also offer company presentations and workshops for schools and businesses. Our approach can inspire, motivate, and drive change for these audiences as well.

Want to know more? Have an idea for a challenge within Motorsport Techlabs? Feel free to get in touch trough or fill in the contact form.


  • We are a recognized training company for various study disciplines.
  • Since 2016, we have been mentoring the student team Technova College Racing in the Supercar Challenge and Ford Fiesta Sprint Cup.
  • Guidance and advice for interns/graduates/projects from various schools, including:
    • HAN University of Applied Sciences
    • TU/e
    • University Racing Eindhoven
    • Deltion College
    • Fontys Eindhoven
    • Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences
    • Horizon College
    • Automotive College van ROC Midden Nederland

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