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Bas Koeten Racing is fully dedicated to high end yet accessible motor racing.

We can provide and arrange every detail of a successfull partaking in a racing event. The driver merely has to to take a seat in the car and drive the race.

We are happy to prepare and maintain the racecar, and take care of everything concerning the participation in a race or championship. Our aim is to achieve excellence for drivers as well as crew. Our preparations include logistics, people, tools and parts, training, analysis, strategy, pit-stop practice, hospitality and catering.

A passion for motor racing, the drive to perform, and the understanding of the importance of teamwork is the thing that connects drivers and crew.

Together we want to succeed in peak perfomances!

In the past 15 years, we have grown to be one of the largest Dutch racing teams and currently maintain more than 25 racing cars of different manufactures. We participate in national and international championships in sprint as well as long distance racing (12 and 24 hour races).

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