News ยป Let us introduce our youngest student: Greaham Hofmans (14)

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Let us introduce our youngest student: Greaham Hofmans (14)

Despite his young age of only 14 years old, Greaham Hofmans already has eight years of driving experience. He started with an old lawn tractor, then moved on to a dirt bike, a children’s quad, and eventually a real quad. At the age of eleven, he started karting and now he regularly drives on the circuit. This is interspersed with sessions with his 100% electric kart, the fastest in the Netherlands. As the youngest student of the Bas Koeten Racing team, Greaham Hofmans will receive guidance from a team that has over 20 years of experience in national and international racing series.

Bas Koeten says, “I recognize something of myself in Greaham. Searching for speed from a young age with anything that has wheels and an engine. A strong focus on technology, but also on development. A reserved boy, but one who knows exactly what he wants. He gives everything for it, and we have already seen that. We get energy from this kind of young people, and that’s why we’re going to work together.”

Greaham Hofmans says, “I am very eager to learn and I want to take steps in my career. After I got in touch with Bas and Jelle Koeten, I discussed with my parents that we are going to take the next steps together with them. They want to share their experience in touring cars and GTs in sprint and endurance with me. They have been doing that with success in the Ford Fiesta Sprint Cup and BMW M2 CS Racing Cup for a long time. The champions from those classes have moved up to fantastic European racing classes, and those examples really appealed to me.”

Jelle Koeten adds, “With Greaham and his family, we have made various plans in the past period. Last winter, we agreed that he would become part of our team. He is currently still too young for the Ford Fiesta Sprint Cup, but we are giving him a full driver training program like we do with other students. Greaham participates in test days and race weekends with the other drivers, mechanics, and data engineers to learn as much as possible about the ins and outs. Whenever possible, he gets in the car to be taken around the circuit. The next step is guidance on the simulator.”