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Solid guidance crucial for success: we are a recognized training company

Bas Koeten Racing has once again been designated as a ‘Recognized Training Company’ by the Dutch Cooperation Organization Vocational Education Business (Samenwerkingsorganisatie Beroepsonderwijs Bedrijfsleven or ‘SBB’). As one of the largest teams in the Dutch motorsport industry, we heavily focus on talent development for drivers and crew members. The SBB recognition is the result of a four-year evaluation process in which companies are assessed against various criteria. This accolade underscores our dedication to promoting knowledge, skills, and passion within the motorsport community.

Preparing for the future
Talent development is of paramount importance in motorsport. The difference between victory and defeat often depends on the knowledge and experience of participants and teams. Jelle Koeten says, “For Bas Koeten Racing, talent development is an essential part of our mission to achieve top performance on the track. We believe that fostering and supporting emerging talents not only enriches the sport as a whole but also prepares young drivers and crew members for a promising future in motorsport.”

Appreciation and support as a condition for growth
Jelle continues, “We provide students and interns with the opportunity to gain practical experience in a real motorsport environment, both in the workshop and on the circuit. Together, we create individual learning plans, taking into account their needs and ambitions. Motorsport is a unique environment where they are encouraged, supported, and challenged, and we motivate them to bring out their best. We want learners to feel valued and supported with us so they can grow as professionals.”

The four-year evaluation by SBB assures students and schools that a training company meets the highest industry standards. It primarily focuses on companies that cater to VMBO students and MBO students, but the approach remains the same for students from HBO programs and universities: personal guidance in a challenging environment.

Sparring partner for student teams
Guiding young talent has always been part of Bas Koeten Racing’s vision. Several successful projects have involved students making their debut in motorsport under the team’s guidance. “We mentor individual students and, since 2016, also the team of students from Technova College Racing,” adds Bas Koeten. “In the first four years, they competed in the Ford Fiesta Sprint Cup, and last year, they added the CUPRA TCR in the Supercar Challenge. This year, the latter car has been replaced by the even faster Audi TCR, skillfully driven by Laurens de Wit. The students form the team themselves, and we supervise and act as sparring partners.”

Whether it’s high school students with a passion for motorsport, students pursuing technical education and approaching graduation, or interns seeking practical experience, there are various opportunities available. Bas says, “We are proud of our partnerships with different schools, educational levels, and study fields. Besides Technova College, we collaborate with institutions like HAN University of Applied Sciences, University Racing Eindhoven, Deltion College, and Fontys Eindhoven, as well as various ROCs such as Horizon College and the Automotive College of ROC Midden Nederland.”

Recognition as proof
“These collaborations create a unique opportunity for students to experience the world of motorsport up close, receive hands-on training, and learn from professionals who have made their mark in the industry. Solid guidance is crucial for success. Our recognition as a training company is proof of our commitment to making a positive impact on educating future professionals in the motorsport sector. We will continue to strive for providing high-quality learning experiences and fostering the growth of young talent in the motorsport industry,” concludes Jelle.