News ยป Esmee Kosterman aims for the Fiesta Title, together with us!

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Esmee Kosterman aims for the Fiesta Title, together with us!

For the third consecutive time in a row, an ambitious lady will be present at the start of the Ford Fiesta Sprint Cup! Esmee Kosterman (17) confirms her seat with Bas Koeten Racing. She’ll battle for first place durings seven weekend events organised on the four well-known circuits in the Benelux. The season commences with an elaborate traning program to be well prepared.

Jelle Koeten: “Esmee already has two seasons under her belt in the Ford Fiesta Sprint Cup. We’ll use that as a starting point. Last year she stood on the podium, but for the upcoming year we except she will be one of the regulars. With our team, we have gained a lot of experience with running GTs and Touring Cars on a high level in WTCR, TCR, Porsches Carrera Cup, Supercup and even GT3. As a team, you’ll learn to solve complex puzzles and all those learnings can be used in the guidance of junior drivers. With our most successfull season in 2022 as proof of the method.”

Esmee Kosterman: “I am happy to announce that I will participate in this season’s Ford Fiesta Sprint Cup together with Bas Koeten Racing. My aim this year is to win the title in the Dutch Championship, and that is why I choose this team. They already deliverd several champions, such as Loek Hartog, Laurens de Wit, Colin Caresani and Sen Roodenburg. I expect to learn a lot and improve myself on many areas.”

Last November, Kosterman was also selected for the KNAF Talent Junior Academy. Together with eight other talents, she’ll follow an extensive triaining programme which help her accelerate her learning process. Team mates Gianni van de Craats, Sen Roodenburg and Senna van Soelen are also admitted to the academy. The eight candidates follow a personal and a joint education and coaching learning track, which will help them to make new steps in their carreer.

The Ford Fiesta Sprint Cup season starts in the weekend of 14-16th of April on Circuit Zandvoort.