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Update regarding Covid-19

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) holds the world in its grasp. Motorsports worldwide are affected: race tracks remian empty, racecars stand idle, events are cancelled, and teams are forced to stay at home…

Fortunately, organisers work hard to put together new calendars, search for fallback options and alternative dates to give shape to a championship, even if its a shortened version.

It is now expected that trackdays are allowed in May, and small to medium-sized events can take place starting June. And for the time being, we presume that all events from September on will take place in their original form. Off course: the situation at that time will determine whether that will be the case, or not.

Already looking ahead?

We are anxious to get back into action! As  soon as new dates are available, we will update our calendar. Are you just as anxious to get back on track as we are? And do you want to explore the various options available to you? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Stay safe, stay healthy!